Google Talk seems to be getting muddled with its contacts

Jamie Feltham
September 26, 2013

Google Talk is in a spot of bother today – users of the app are complaining of having their messages sent to the wrong recipients and even to people outside of their own contacts in some cases.

Reports started coming in earlier this morning, with many taking to Twitter and the company’s own forums to register the issue. Some are finding the app to be completely and utterly unable to send the right messages at this point in time. Since the issue first arose it’s looked increasingly like the vast majority of those affected haven’t yet upgraded to Google’s new Hangout service. The company has confirmed that it’s looking into the issue, and will update us by midday.

Until then we’d suggest staying away from Talk for contacting friends. Especially when talking about other friends you might not like as much. You never know where it might end up.

Source: The Verge

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