Google Play Store redesign out soon

Manny Pham
October 16, 2015

A redesign of Google’s will be coming out soon but a date has yet to be confirmed. 

The App Store and Play Store (and Windows Phone Store I guess) are those nice little havens full of wonderful creative contents that you never realised you need. Three money managing apps and an overdraft later you soon realise it can’t solve all problems but boy does it help with those tube journeys.

Kirill Grouchnikov, a user interface engineer at Google had been working on the redesign before moving to Google’s frameworks team.

Grouchnikov has shared teasers of the new Play Store liek the gif below. From what we can see there are new icons, buttons and colours for the revamped Play Store. The new UI is expected to give Android users that fresh feel on their otherwise old-ish devices.


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Via Android Community.

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