Google Maps will tell you where you to drive

Manny Pham
January 14, 2016

Google Maps introduce new driving feature, making it easier for you to know where to go.

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We’ve already seen the Big Brother strides Google has made with Google Now on Tap, predicting what you’re about to search and bringing up useful cards, relevant to wherever you are. Now Google is making driving easier as Google Maps predicts where you are driving, by looking at your pattern. By enabling history data Google Maps will know that you go to the gym after work on Monday. If it somehow knows it’s leg day perhaps be a little bit concerned, Skynet concerned.

Google’s new driving feature can added on to your screen as a widget or accessed through Google Maps’ menu. Android users who don’t mind a bit of data logging on their lives can take advantage of live traffic updates, local petrol price, ETAs and quickest route. No official date has been set for the rollout of driving, but we should expect it soon,

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Via Google Maps.


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