Google is bringing 360-degree films to your iPhone

Alex Yau
July 24, 2015

Google’s 360-degree video and film app, Spotlight Stories, has finally launched on iOS.

The app, which debuted on Motorola devices in 2013 and later featured on Android devices early 2015, can now be used on Apple devices with iOS 8.0 or higher.

Spotlight stories lets you watch 2D and 3D animated films in 360-degrees. Google said that Spotlight uses “360° spherical cinema-quality video, sound sphere audio, and sensor fusion techniques.”This lets the user view films from any angle when holding their handset or tablet up.

Films available to watch on the app include ‘Windy,’ a film made by ex-Pixar creatives. There’s also a live-action movie called ‘Help’ made by Justin Lin (Fast and the Furious). Spotlight Stories was originally introduced on Motorola devices in 2013 and made its way onto Android earlier this year.

Some Spotlight Stories films are expected to be released on YouTube later this year.

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