Google introduces Night Mode feature for existing Nokia users

Saf Malik
October 6, 2020

Users of Nokia 1.3 in 27 countries will benefit from the new update

Google has revealed it will be introducing a new Night Mode feature in its Camera Go app that will allow users to take higher quality photos in low-light conditions.

Users of Nokia 1.3 in 27 countries can enjoy the new feature and it will be expanding the capability to more devices in the coming months.

Camera Go users with these devices will now be able to take higher quality pictures with brighter and more accurate colours even in low light environments like dimly-lit indoor spaces or outdoors at night.

The Night Mode feature can also automatically capture simultaneous shots and merge them to produce clearer low-light phots.

Users can enable the feature as an alternative to flash mode when the flash is not suitable and still take great photos without the need to adjust the camera settings.

Google Next Billion Users Initiative product manager Joris van Mens said: “We want to provide people using entry-level smartphones access to a high-quality camera experience. For many, capturing moments in low light is a matter of trial and error.

“Taking night-time photos requires them to experiment with complicated settings. With Night Mode in Nokia 1.3 and other devices, preserving memories and capturing great photos will be easier for everyone.”


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