Google introduces bottom navigation bars into Material design

Thomas Wellburn
March 15, 2016

Google has altered its Material guidelines to fully embrace bottom navigation.

With Google+ and Google Photos now including a bottom navigation bar for easier swiping between sections, the company has upgraded its design specification to embrace the concept within their Material UI. Windows Phone users have had this feature for some time and it’s nice to see Android will finally be embracing the feature, which means you don’t need to stretch your fingers ridiculous lengths to hit the buttons lingering at the top of your 5.5-inch monolith.

The guidelines still state that side navigation is preferred for large devices and phablets, meaning the experience won’t completely alter the UI navigation people may be used to used to on bigger devices. This is fine with us however, as it was only ever really a problem on mobile devices anyway.

For more on Google, visit what Mobile’s dedicated Google page.

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