Google giving free Hangout calls to France

Manny Pham
November 17, 2015

In the aftermath of the horrible attacks in Paris on Friday, Google are allowing people to make free calls to France via Hangouts.

Google are doing their bit to support those affected by the atrocities committed last week. Calls made via Hangouts will not incur an international charge, as Google announced via Google+: “We’re thinking of you, Paris. No fees on calls to France, via Hangouts. #ParisAttacks.”

No specific countries were listed as eligible for free Hangout calls, so it seems that all countries are able to make use of this kind gesture.

Facebook also had a feature to help those caught up in the attacks with Safety Tool. Safety Tool was activated in the wake of the attack, and asked users if they wanted to notify their friend that they were ok. The feature has now been shut off.

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Via Techradar.

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