Google Chromecast is about to get a lot faster

Thomas Wellburn
June 10, 2015

Developers are in for a treat, as Google announced at their annual I/O conference plans to strengthen their core streaming services.

There was a lot of headlines to be had from the recent Google I/O conference, but some of the most significant actually fell under the radar and got clouded by the huge Android M demonstrations.

One of those that deserves a mention is the company’s plan to release a new set of APIs for their streaming and gaming services. Application Program Interfaces (APIs), are a set of tools for building software applications. They often give access to specific functions and allow a simpler process for coding and designing the application.

For Chromecast, these APIs will allow developers to create content queues and pre-load videos, while also allowing users to reorder the queues to their preference.

It’s also about to become a lot easier for for developers to create second-screen apps for Android and iOS devices, which has fantastic implications for the Android gaming scene. Driver Speedboat Paradise is already set to make use of this feature, letting you use the phone as a controller while you cast the gameplay to your TV, monitor or tablet.

Finally, an API named Google Cast Game Manager will simplify the multi-player development process by making it easier to synchronize game states across large numbers of players. In layman’s terms, data will be shared more efficiently, meaning a smoother, more reliable multiplayer experience.

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