Gold BlackBerry Passport appears online in new pics

Saqib Shah
October 7, 2014

We quite liked the BlackBerry Passport, the latest flagship from the Canadian manufacturer that boasts a perfectly square display. However, if you’d have asked us what it was missing we certainly wouldn’t have said a gold variant.

Nonetheless, a gold version of the phablet has surfaced online via fan site Crackberry. In the new pics you can see the gold version placed next to its original packaging – no mention of the colour on the box. Additionally, another snap shows it in a retail environment – although it’s impossible to place its exact location. A tagged snap reveals a bit more, as it contains the text ‘parisrosegold’. Crackberry digged around to find the text’s origin and it leads to what looks like an arabic site that sells gold variants of other premium phones, such as the iPhone 5s. The BlackBerry Passport, however, was nowhere to be seen.


Therefore the question remain whether this is an official BlackBerry variant of the Passport or a customised version courtesy of Paris Rose Gold.

Although the Passport only comes in black, we liked its professional look, sleek matte aesthetic and premium materials. It really does look the part in the boardroom or the office. Would it benefit from a gold version? A little more choice in the colours department wouldn’t do it any harm, but the last thing you want to pull out of your pocket during an important meeting is a pink phablet.

The yellowish gold strip on the device pictured certainly doesn’t detract from its looks. We have a feeling that it may even appeal to a fair few BlackBerry fans. It may not be in everyone’s price range as solid gold variants of other handsets, including the HTC One M8 and iPhone 5s, have been known to cost upwards of £2,000.

What do you think of the gold BlackBerry Passport? Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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