Gmail for iOS ported to Windows Phone — unofficially

Jordan O'Brien
June 4, 2013

It’s no secret that Google aren’t willing to develop apps for Windows Phone, claiming that the mindshare isn’t enough. But like most big name apps, 3rd party developers are willing to step up to the plate and offer Windows Phone users the apps they’re missing.

The Windows Phone Gmail app is based on its iOS counterpart’s app codebase, and acts exactly as it would on an iPhone or iPad. There are two versions available, both a paid and free version — although if you’re running Windows Phone 7.8 then you’re restricted to the free version (although there is an unlimited free trial available.)

We gave it a whirl and found that whilst initially it took a while to load (10-15seconds), it works incredibly well. Label and starring support are present, as well as all the other Gmail features you’ve come to know and love.

If there were any criticisms that we could give, then it would have to be that scrolling could be a little smoother — but that may be because we were trying it out on a Windows Phone 7.8 device, rather than one of the newer Windows Phone 8 devices.

If you want to download the app now, you can get the free version  or the paid version.


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