Giffgaff launches 5G-ready unlimited UK data £35 ‘golden goodybag’

Saf Malik
October 20, 2020

Members are able to gain 5G access with the ‘goodybag’

Giffgaff is launching a new £35 ‘golden goodybag’ with unlimited UK calls, texts, and data.

From Tuesday, October 20, the option allows members and non-members more freedom on data for all their usage needs.

Both the new £35 and the existing £10 ‘golden goodybag’ options will be 5G ready.

To buy either the new £35 or existing £10 ‘golden goodybag’, non-members need to purchase and activate a SIM, select their chose ‘goodybag’, and set the purchase to recurring while ensuring they have saved a valid card payment.

Existing members must just log onto their account and set the purchase to recurring.

Once the above is completed, the ‘golden goodybag’ is activated. If members want 5G access, they can apply for a SIM swap online for a new 5G ready SIM which will be delivered in 1-2 working days.

Before applying for a 5G SIM, members are advised to check availability of 5G in their local area using Giffgaff’s coverage tracker.


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