giffgaff brings double data to its £20 and £25 ‘Always On’ goodybag range at no extra cost

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June 28, 2019

Today giffgaff, the mobile network run by you, announces that its £20 goodybag will now come with double data. Making it a great reason to choose giffgaff. 

From the 3rd of July, instead of getting 20GB worth of data, members and newbies to the network who purchase the £20 and £25 goodybag range will instead get 40GB – double what they would have got before. For those who purchase the £25 goodybag they will still get Always On*, however, once 40GB is used this will be at a reduced speed. 

Double data, you say? Let’s look at what this means for members and new members alike below. 

£20 goodybag 

Before the changes, the £20 goodybag came with 20GB data, unlimited texts and minutes, with free calls to all giffgaff numbers. Now members on the £20 goodybag will get unlimited texts and minutes, and 40GB – all at no extra cost. 

£25 goodybag 

£25 is the ‘Always On’ goodybag. Previously, members would have received unlimited minutes and texts plus 20GB of data usage per month at full 4G speed. After 20GB of data had been used, data speed would be reduced to 384kbps from 8am to Midnight.   Now, the £25 goodybag still comes with ‘Always On’ data, however, the data speed is reduced after 40GB instead of 20GB. 

Roam Like at Home

Whilst roaming in the EU and selected destinations, members on our £20 and ‘Always On’ goodybags will have a maximum of 20GB data to use.

Head of Propositions, David Caton says: “We’re always looking to give members the best value for their money. We’re happy to bring these goodybag updates to some of our most popular goodybags. We hope it means that our existing members are satisfied and that it gives potential new members another reason to choose giffgaff.” 


Other reasons to choose giffgaff

1 GB Data

It’s never fun running out of data – so giffgaff is giving their members a little extra. Once members have purchased their third goodybag, giffgaff will boost their data by 1 GB whenever they purchase a £10, £12, £15 or £20 goodybag as a little thank you for sticking around. The 1GB is automatically added to any eligible goodybag when you run out of data. And it doesn’t matter what the first 2 goodybags were – once members become eligible, they keep getting the extra data.

Best Plan Advice

As the mobile network run by you, we give you the flexibility to choose the best plan for our members every month. If we notice you’re on a goodybag that’s not right for you, we’ll tell you the best option for you to switch to – including one that’s cheaper. What other network does that?

The rest of the goodybag range

giffgaff calls its monthly SIM-only plans “goodybags”, and they come packed with data, minutes and texts – these range from £6 to £25, a range of goodybags to help existing members or new joiners get more bang for their buck. As the no-contract network, these goodybags can be changed each month and cancelled at any time. They can also be set to recur automatically. 

Making ‘No-Contract’ accessible

By working with Ratesetter, giffgaff helps to match people with money to people who want to buy a phone. Members can decide how much they pay, and how long they want to take to pay back the loan – from between 6 to 24 months.

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