Getting the Most from Mobile Gaming

Hammad Basharat
November 26, 2019

From humble beginnings, mobile gaming has gone on to reflect many of the biggest and best experiences available on PCs and consoles. With the introduction of viable game-streaming within the next couple of years, we could see the last limits of the mobile platform nearly completely removed.

Despite this new potential, many gamers remain unaware of what it takes to turn their mobile into a high-quality gaming machine. We’re here to demystify the key elements to get you started.

Basic Model

Before getting started with the details, it’s important to note that for some games, mobiles are near perfect out of the box. For example, video slots mobile casino games offer simple controls and are uncluttered by nature. This means that taking a few spins on the likes of Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest requires little more than a base mobile and an internet connection.

For those looking for a more traditional video gaming machine, however, we need some more major pieces of hardware.

Screen Size

If you intend to play traditional video games on mobile, then the standard screen size is probably not going to be the best fit. While, for a long time, mobile users had little choice in this, the recent launch of folding phones has opened viewing potential significantly.

In effect, folding phones can double your screen size, allowing for a much more engaging experience within a game world. While we would recommend gamers invest in these eventually, just note that there are a couple of caveats at this point.

The first is the price. As folding phones are newer tech, they tend to be far more expensive than their alternatives. The larger viewing area also plays into the cost, but you should still expect to see a decrease in price in a year or two.

The other possible issue is that of 5G integration, in that not many folding phones yet offer 5G connectivity. Even if they do, the 5G network is still in its infancy. Combined, these aspects might make it worth delaying a purchase until the inevitable upgrades and price drops.

Input and Output Devices

Touchscreen controls have come a long way, but they are still incredibly limited compared to a more tactile system of input. Because of this, we would recommend a dedicated controller for mobile gaming. Many modern controllers can connect over Bluetooth, making them even easier to carry in a bag or briefcase.

If you own a PS4 or Xbox, chances are that your controller can already connect to your mobile’s Bluetooth, so be sure to try this out before purchasing a new device. Just be aware that some early models of PS4 controller can have issues with Bluetooth connectivity, and that devices need to be fully charged before connections can be made reliably.

In terms of output, consider investing in a decent headset with microphone. These can also often connect through Bluetooth and will make the experience all the more enjoyable over the default hardware.

Hardware Specs

When you look to upgrading to a new phone, aside from the potential of a folding device, you’re going to think about the other hardware specs. Most important on this front are RAM, CPU, and mobile GPU. While not always possible, those after the best gaming experience should sacrifice other less important aspects like camera quality in favour of these more gaming related factors.

If nothing else, these hints should give you some indication of where you should aim going forward. With so many modular components, mobile gaming upgrades don’t need to be performed in a singular monolithic effort. Take your time, plan ahead, and your mobile could very easily be your primary platform in the future.

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