Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defence Game Review

Chris James
November 17, 2010

You can spot a powerful film license a mile off just by counting the years since release. With Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defence being based on the movie trilogy that blew audiences away five years ago, there’s little chance of the game being rushed out to meet the film’s release as a result.

Instead what we have is a polished and well-meaning attempt to introduce some originality into the much-maligned tower defence genre. It’s still about defending a position against waves of enemies, but the usage of two resources and heroes from the books like Aragon help to give LotR:MED an original spin.

What isn’t so welcome is the difficulty level, which varies between ‘hard’ and ‘ absolutely ridiculous’. Nevertheless patience is rewarded and hardcore fans of both the genre and the subject matter will get some kicks out of this challenging title.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Platform Java

Price £5

From All Operators

Publisher Glu Mobile

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