Samsung Galaxy Note 7 pricing and release (update)

Manny Pham
August 3, 2016

Samsung’s latest phablet device has gone up for pre-order today and we have the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 pricing and release info.

We missed out on the Note 5 as Samsung thought it’d be more fitting to drop the Galaxy S6+ on us instead. While it was an impressive device, it lacked the key reason why we love the Note series; S Pen. By the way, if you’re super confused on why the new Note is using 7 instead of 6, Samsung are simply just bringing their it forward to bring it in numerical line with its other devices (e.g. S7 Edge).

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the return of the tactile S Pen with all its useful features. New S Pen features have also been announced; Translate allows hovering over words to quickly translate words, while Smart Select is basically a GIF maker looping short clips of taken videos.

Innards are pretty much the S7 Edge’s including the snapper, processor and even the screen technology. Yet somehow the Note 7 looks something special with its new design and addictive clicky S Pen. Not only is it fun to click, but you can also use it underwater thanks to the IP68 water-resistance.

Samsung shook things up by including an iris scanner, as see on the Microsoft Lumia 950. At the moment we’re not sure how useful the feature is, considering how you can unlock the device while pulling it out of your pocket.

Below are all the major networks and retailers that have confirmed to be stocking the new device, plus Galaxy Note 7 pricing information. Samsung confirmed it will go on sale September 2nd, with pre-orders starting on August 16th.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 pricing and availability


Samsung will be selling the Note 7 through its official site. Pricing has been confirmed at £739.00 with an initial deposit of £73.90. There’s also the option to pay in monthly installments of £31.92 over a 24 month contract, which adds up to a total payable amount of £839.98.

Carphone Warehouse

The UK’s largest retailer will be stocking the Note 7 with pre-orders starting August 16th. Pre-ordering will ensure you get the upgraded Gear VR, and the Note 7 three days earlier. Pricing has yet to be confirmed. Colour options are Blue Coral and Black Onyx.


GiffGaff is still not stocking the note 7, with a ‘Register interest’ button being the only way to get yourself on the books as of now. The MVNO is still expected to sell the Note 7 with ‘goody bag’ deals starting from £5 a month. Onyx Black and Coral Blue are the choices as it is everywhere else.


Three has now got some solid Galaxy Note 7 pricing information up on their website, with expected delivery beginning Tuesday 30th August. The device will be available in two colours, Blue Coral and Black Onyx. You can get the handset for £35 at the lowest, over the course of a 24 month contract. This comes with an additional £149 upfront cost for the phone itself.


EE currently has no details on availability but will be stocking the device. You can register your interest here.


Vodafone got in contact with us informing stock for Note 7 will indeed be there, but yet again no details on price. The company has included a page detailing further information on the device, but there’s still no links to actually buying the handset.


O2 is has now got the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 listed on their website, along with pricing and tariff information. You can get it for a minimum of £50 per month with a £9.99 upfront cost for the handset. You can also get in on pay-as-you-go for £777.99, including a minimum £10 top-up. Colour options are once again Onyx Black and Coral Blue.


Mobile Fun – the British retailer is the first to confirm a price for the Galaxy Note 7, selling the new phablet for £749 in Onyx Black. A free Olixar case comes with it, but no mention of the Gear VR headset.

Unlocked Mobile – a much more sane price is seen at Unlocked Mobile, retailing for £647.98, in both colour options.

Mobile Phones Direct – The smartphone retailer currently has the device listed and will be bundling in a free Gear VR Headset with every purchase. Currently, there’s no deals available to actually purchase the device. However, we do know that it will be stocked in three colour options: Onyx Black, Coral Blue and a third option listed as ‘TBC’.

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