Free Xbox One if you buy a Surface Pro 4

Manny Pham
June 29, 2016

Students can take advantage of an amazing offer from Microsoft, who are offering a free Xbox One to those who can afford a Surface Pro 4.

Winter has finally come to Westeros, but Summer has just begun for us in the non-fiction world, so it’s a good time for sales! Microsoft are offering a free Xbox One with every Surface Pro 4 bought from a retail store, in the US. 

The offer starts today and will run until August 14th. The bundle will be sold as a $300 discount when making the transaction. The Xbox One saw a recent price cut to $299. “So basically a free Xbox One with the purchase of a Surface Pro 4,” Terry Myerson, head of Windows and devices at Microsoft confirmed.

The deal is aimed at students who want to work hard and play hard (online), particularly to those who are about to begin their higher education careers, but need a laptop to support them through it.

The Surface 3 was originally marketed at students due to its lower price, but its looking like Microsoft are changing their strategy.

Making room for the new

Recently Microsoft announced the new Xbox One S, an upgrade to the original, on offer, Xbox One. The Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller than its predecessor yet capable of 4K gaming, thanks to a better raw GPU and CPU power. It will also see higher colour contrast in games as it is capable of HDR gaming.

So it makes sense for Microsoft to offload as many Xbox One consoles as they can before the One S is released in August 2016.

As for post-Europe Britain, Microsoft are offering a 10% student discount, available through Microsoft Store on all Surface devices and accessories.

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Via The Verge.

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