Free PlayStation Mobile games for six weeks

Alex Walls
January 17, 2013

Sony smartphone owners can download a free PlayStation Mobile game every week for the next six weeks.

Playing to the old ‘it’s free so why not’ impulse to entice customers, Sony said that starting this week, it will offer a free PlayStation Mobile game every seven days for the next six weeks, available for PlayStation Certified Sony smartphones or tablets.

These include the Xperia range and Sony Tablet S and P (there’s a full list here) which allow access to the games via the PlayStation Mobile for Android app which is either pre-loaded or available from the website.

PlayStation Mobile launched back in October with titles ranging from ‚¬0.50 to a hefty ‚¬12.99 (£10.80).  The promotion is being billed as a New Year give away only available in Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia.

The first game out is Samurai Beatdown, a hack and slash scrolling game, which was launched at the introductory price of ‚¬0.79.



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