Foursquare for Android gets dedicated tablet-UI, iPad left out

Jordan O'Brien
June 7, 2013

In what seems like a strange turn of events, Foursquare has decided to launch their new tablet UI on Android before iOS.

Android has previously had very few tablet-optimised apps, with many big name developers not bothering, and just sticking with the built-in stretching — the complete opposite of what is happening for iPad. However Foursquare’s recent move, as well as Google’s announcement that they will dedicate part of the Play Store to tablet-optimised apps, may show that the tide is finally turning for Android tablet owners.

If you own a Sony Xperia Tablet S, then you’re most likely screaming at your screen right now, as there was a tablet app on there, right? Well, technically, yes — although it was missing many of the features we’ve come to know and love from Foursquare, as well as it not having actually been built by the Foursquare team themselves.

This new tablet-UI promises to bring all those missing features to all Android tab users, and should add a “better map browsing experience for tablets and larger phones when in landscape mode”.

The app is currently available in Google Play for absolutely nothing.

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