Flash Player on Mavericks Safari is now super-secure

Jamie Feltham
October 24, 2013

Flash Player is one of the most-used tools on the internet, but harmful malware can make it risky to use.

With Apple’s OS X Mavericks for Macs, that’s become a thing of the past for Safari users. Abode, responsible for Flash Player, has confirmed that the tool now runs sandboxed in the Safari browser on the new OS. Confused? It basically means that malware is blocked from accessing code and resources outside of the web browser. That will help to prevent harmful viruses and bugs. So it’s a good thing.

Sandbox is a new feature that’s part of the OS. It’s designed to be compatible with a range of programmes. The likes of Google Chrome and Firefox have already been sandboxed with Flash Player, so it’s good to see it finally reaching Apple’s own browser.

Source: Engadget

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