Fitbit rushes to issue voluntary recall after its device’s wristbands have led to contact dermatitis

Callum Tennent
March 5, 2014

When creating a wearable tech device – or a wearable anything for that matter – you would think that “make sure it doesn’t induce a hideous rash” would be fairly high up on the list of product-testing priorities, right alongside “doesn’t cause impotency” and “doesn’t explode”. For Fitbit though, it seems to have somehow slipped through the cracks.

The US fitness wearable manufacturer has reacted swiftly to issue a voluntary recall of its Fitbit Force wristband, as it has received numerous complaints of the device inducing ‘contact dermatitis’ – or a rash, in layman’s terms.

Up to this point the Force has only been available for retail in North America, and a quick look at their site will show you that it’s currently unavailable for purchase. If you’ve been using your Force up until now and haven’t run into any problems yet then you probably shouldn’t worry, but for those who have experienced any problems this is a fair solution.

Fitbit, in co-operation with the US Consumer Products Safety Comission, is currently going over the wristband in an effort to deduce just what exactly is the cause of the problem, but haven’t found anything yet. There’s even a letter from Fitbit’s CEO James Park  to let you know just what’s going on. Park states that they know the problem isn’t to do with the battery or the electrics, so presumes that the issue must lie within either the nickel within the stainless steel, the materials that make up the strap, or the adhesives used for assembly. In other words, it could be anything.

For anyone unfortunate to be having problems with their Force, you can find their dedicated support site here, where you can order a returns package.

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