Final Fantasy 2 game review

Chris James
July 28, 2011

Final Fantasy 2 is one of those odd mobile games where the very act of squeezing the entire game onto a small java device alone is likely to get people interested, and rightly so. 

While it may not have the quality of latter titles in the series (and its revamped graphics aren’t exactly cutting-edge), there is practically nothing else close to its size, length, and breadth on java mobiles right now (other than Final Fantasy 1, of course).

If you already know the game from the NES, then you’ll likely be delighted to know that nothing has been cut to squeeze the game onto the small screen. In fact, Square Enix has done a surprisingly good job at translating the controls and save slots to fit mobile play.

The old-school mentality won’t win over those that hate grinding for hours, but JRPG fans should snap this up immediately.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Platform Java

Price £5.00

Developer Namco Bandai

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