Familiar face expected in next Nintendo game

Manny Pham
February 3, 2016

Nintendo are promising a “very familiar character” will feature in the next Nintendo mobile game.

Nintendo’s first title Miitomo, was a bit of a let down as we were salivating at the idea of one of Nintendo’s triple-A characters, gracing our smartphone screens. Miitomo is more of a social networking attempt than a proper Nintendo game. Following Nintendo’s poor Q4 results, new Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima said: “the second game won’t be another communication app, and we plan to adopt one of our characters that fans are very familiar with.”

Seeing a Nintendo character on a non-Nintendo device is something almost unheard of. The last notable time a Nintendo character graced another console, was Link from The Legend of Zelda, in the rubbish Zelda’s Adventure on the Phillips CD-i.

Let’s hope the next character will be a good one. We for one don’t think the likes of Samus, Link or Mario will be gracing smartphone screens in round 2. Mario Kart on your phone (yeah we’re salivating at that thought too) but it most likely won’t happen. Who will it be? Kirby? Diddy Kong? Tingle? That last one made us shudder.

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Via 9to5Google.

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