Facebook Messenger app launches voice calling for UK Apple users

Alex Walls
March 26, 2013

Facebook has brought voice calling to its Messenger app for Apple iOS devices in the United Kingdom.

The app uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to route calls over mobile data or WiFi, meaning a user’s monthly text and call allowance would remain untouched.

O2 confirmed there would be no restrictions on using the service, since it was just like having Viber or Skype, which were not restricted. What Mobile is waiting to hear from EE, Vodafone and Three.

The feature launched in the United States in January, after trialling in Canada earlier in the year.

It is now available in the UK as of today to Apple iOS device owners; so all you iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch owners can get your Facebook calling on.

Test trial

What Mobile ran a test trial and the app worked well; voice quality was reportedly good at the other end, with the notification popping up on our tester’s iPod (with Messenger installed) that we were ringing.

There was some delay with sound this end, which may be more due to our WiFi quality than any issues with the app, to be fair.

To  make a call, just sign in to the app, go to your messages, tap on a friend and then the little info bubble in the top right, and call away.  A word to the wise: it looks like your friend will need to have Messenger installed for you to call them.

There’s also the option to send a voice message. Just click the ‘plus’ sign at the top left of the keyboard (for iPhone users), in the messages screen, record your message and send.


Three reported on its blog that Facebook was thought to be developing a video service for the Messenger app.

Video calling VoIP service Skype is already integrated into Facebook’s website but adding video to voice calling on the Messenger app seems a logical next step.

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