Facebook Deals launches in UK and Europe

Jonathan Morris
January 31, 2011

Facebook today announced it is bringing Facebook Deals to the UK and selected European countries, with a series of deals with famous brands available immediately.

Facebook Deals gives businesses more power to connect to its customers, who can share deals with friends in an easy and simple way. Deals can be a ‘one hit’ offering or offer loyalty discounts to repeat visitors. Some deals also work when you check in to a place with a friend.

Although the deals will include offers from smaller establishments in the future, the initial deals include names such as Starbucks, Argos, O2 and Debenhams.

By using your mobile phone, you can check in to the affiliated businesses and take advantage of a range of deals, from free items and discounts, to charity donations.

Joanna Shields, Vice President EMEA for Facebook said: “We all love a bargain so whether you’re on the lookout for a special offer at your favourite restaurant or tips from a fashionista friend about a discount on shoes in a department store, Facebook Deals will help you find it.

“Facebook is built around people and sharing personal experiences and Deals is a great extension of this. By bringing valuable and relevant offers to you wherever and whenever you want them, Deals delivers a powerful experience that combines technology and location in a way that a pure online or offline experience could never deliver.”

The current deals include:

Alton Towers

The famous park opens a day early, on February 18th, offering exclusive access for those who check in on that day only. Tag up to three friends for free entry and the first 100 will also receive a free night stay at one of its themed hotels.


Argos will donate £1 to its charity partner, Teenage Cancer Trust, for the first 10,000 customers that check in at a store this week.


Throughout February, Benetton will give £2 or ‚¬2 for each check in at one of its 3,000 stores in the UK, France, Italy, Germany or Spain.


On February 14th, Debenhams will be giving free Benefit mascara and makeover for the first 1,000 people.


Until March 7th, Mazda is offering a chance to win one of five Mazda MX-5 Miyako’s for the summer. If you aren’t lucky enough to win, there’s 20% off a new MX-5 on offer when you check in at any Mazda dealership.


On Saturday February 5th, the first four customers will receive a free Xbox 360 in 26 stores, and the first two will get a Playstation 3 at 18 stores, when bought with any new or upgrade mobile contract.

O2 is also offering a deal to anyone seeing Usher at the O2 Arena this week. Check in for 20% off his new album, and a free remix of Hey Daddy from the offiical merchandise stand at the venue.


When it’s gone, it’s gone – so hurry to claim one o the 30,000 free filter coffees on offer at Starbucks. Customers can also get a free cake with the purchase of two drinks at participating stores on any Saturday throughout the month of February.

YO! Sushi

Another deal to get hold of quickly; 2,000 meals are on offer to the first 1,000 diners to check in at any of the 47 participating eateries. Tag a friend to get the second meal free (5 dishes plus drink).


Facebook Deals will also be available in Europe with brands including;

  • Clinique
  • Esprit
  • McDonald’s
  • Esteé Lauder
  • SFR
  • Vodafone
  • Cinemaxx
  • Vapiano

Checking in and claiming your deals

Finding a deal is easy when you check in to a location when you’re out. Simply go to Places within the Facebook application on your phone, locate where you are from the list of local establishments (or do a manual search) and a list will show any ‘golden tickets’ that show a deal is on offer.

When you go to check-in, you’ll be shown more information and can then check in to redeem the offer, or make a donation.

Remember that tagging friends who are with you could offer even bigger benefits!

1) Search nearby

2) Find a deal

3) Check in

4) Claim your deal!

Or how about making a donation to charity?Let's do it at Argos

Check in and see the charity details

Complete the process by clicking to donate

Congratulations - your donation will hopefully make a real difference

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