Facebook is DOWN… But Don’t Panic

Thomas Wellburn
August 23, 2017

Facebook has suffered a pretty serious outage today, with many users reporting that the website is down when they try to access it.

Large parts of the UK, Europe and United States seem to be affected, according to reports from social network users. On Google Chrome, users are confronted with a message saying the site cannot be reached.

Thankfully, there is a way to access it. Clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page should fix the issue, which can done by heading into the settings.

Alternatively, holding down the Shift button on your keyboard (for Apple devices) while refreshing the webpage will perform a hard refresh in most web browsers. Windows users should hold down the Ctrl button instead of Shift.

Some people are reporting that the website will work using incognito mode, so the issue is clearly related to some form of caching error.

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