Existing iPhone networks get iPhone 4 and now T-Mobile

Jonathan Morris
June 8, 2010

We’re still waiting for news of pricing, but it seems that none of the networks – O2, Orange and Vodafone – are yet wanting to give away that bit of information to ensure they don’t lose a competitive edge.

There’s still no news on whether Three will join in this time around, but T-Mobile has now stated that it will be joining the party (but no exact date was given, so maybe it won’t be released until a while after). Tesco is still to make an announcement about the iPhone 4 – but we’re expecting it to come.

Every network is working to allow pre-orders, and O2 has already suggested some exciting upgrade deal for people who do so. This follows the news yesterday that AT&T subscribers with an iPhone contract due to expire anytime in 2010 can upgrade up to six months early.


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