Everything Everywhere to be officially introduced to the public

Jonathan Morris
October 11, 2010

We’ve already reported on the roaming agreement that started on October 5th, between Orange and T-Mobile subscribers, but the newly combined network operating under the name ‘Everything Everywhere’ is to be officially introduced today.

More than 27 million people, the number of people on Orange and T-Mobile combined, can now make and receive calls in more places than before as the first benefit of the merged networks, which form the company known as ‘Everything Everywhere’.

A £4m advertising campaign will introduce the roaming feature that Everything Everywhere is claiming to be “the single biggest transformation in mobile networks since the birth of the mobile industry”. As part of the advertising, each brand (Orange and T-Mobile) will appear ‘head to head’.

In 2011, each network will completely merge to give seamless coverage throughout the UK for both 2G and 3G, avoiding the need to ‘roam’ that currently works only on 2G/GSM.

Beyond that, the merged network intends to combine existing 2G and 3G services with 4G, fixed broadband and Wi-Fi services in a combined package.

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