Ethical shoppers get help from barcoo app

Jonathan Morris
December 14, 2010

Shoppers who wish to make ethical decisions about what to buy can now use a new app called barcoo to find out more than just the best prices.

In addition to the traditional barcode scanning, which brings up a price comparison and shows local stores, you can use barcoo to find out if the brand applies social responsibility to its manufacturing. This includes data on whether the company pollutes the environment, and to what extent.

For food products, there’s nutritional information shown using a traffic light system. The same traffic light system is used to show Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) information provided by WeGreen, showing a red, amber or green code based on the level of a company’s environmental awareness and responsibility, including how it treats its staff and how transparent it is with consumers.

Finally, barcoo displays reviews for scanned products, provided by trusted consumer magazines and feedback from other shoppers. Users can even see what other products are being scanned and talked about.

More information:

Barcoo is available for iOS/iPhone, Android and Symbian.

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