Ericsson’s consumer study reveals extent of 5G impact

Megan Robinson
October 17, 2022

The Next Wave report is the largest consumer 5G research with 49,000 consumers across 37 countries interviewed

The Ericsson ConsumerLab report titled 5G: The Next Wave revealed the impact 5G has had on early adopter consumers and those who may want to take up 5G.

The report predicts that 30 per cent of smartphone users intend to take up a 5G subscription within the next year.

Six key trends in Ericsson report:

1- 5G adoption to grow: At least 510 million consumers across 37 markets are predicted to take up 5G in 2023

2- New 5G users have higher expectations compared to early adopters including better network coverage and innovative 5G services

3- Geographical coverage, hot-spots and both indoor and outdoor coverage are seen as important to building user perception

4- Time spent on AR apps by 5G users has doubled over two years to two hours per week

5- 5G monetisation could evolve as 60pc of consumers expect 5G offerings to move beyond more data volume and speeds to specific network capabilities

6- 5G users are on average spending one hour more per week in metaverse-related services than 4G users and this is expected to grow on mobile devices and AR/VR glasses.



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