Energizer Mobile introduces a Powerful New Visual Identity

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April 22, 2020

Avenir Telecom, exclusive licensee for Energizer® mobile phones and accessories, today announced they started rolling out Energizer’s new visual identity. Energizer revealed earlier last year its new look, which includes updated logo, packaging, in-store displays, and advertising.

A contemporary look to help consumers find the products they need

 The changes represent the first major update to the Energizer look since 2008. Branding has been transformed and modernized to preserve Energizer’s foothold as a category leader. The new visual treatments provide a contemporary look with a lighter, brighter presentation and a helpful new approach, with distinct colours deployed to help consumers more easily and intuitively find the best product to suit their needs.

It helps to differentiate from the competition, connecting meaningfully with consumers around the world and continuing to drive unparalleled brand strength.
“We spent three years developing our new visual identity, talking with consumers and researching their preferences to deliver an experience that’s both powerful and fun,” said Lori Shambro, Vice President, Global Marketing at Energizer Holdings, Inc. “They told us they wanted bright, clear and helpful packaging that will stand out in a cluttered aisle.”


The iconic character Mr Energizer to take centre stage

 As part of this new visual identity, the charismatic brand character Mr. Energizer has an even more prominent role. Mr. Energizer is the embodiment of physical energy, a living Energizer® battery who’s quick with a wink and a smile and always up for a new challenge or a friendly competition. He’s an animated character who lives in the real world and marvels at it with curious enthusiasm. His lasting endurance and fun-loving personality reflect the spirit of the Energizer® brand.

2020, Year of Change

Energizer licensing partners received the updated brand guidelines in the Fall of 2019 so the new look can come to life across the entire licensed product portfolio in 2020.
All new Energizer® mobile phones and accessories, packaging and marketing materials are now created based on the updated brand guidelines. The Energizer® Mobile logos, press releases, and media kits have also been revamped to the new look.
“Our clients and consumers will get to discover the updated visual identity with our newest mobiles: the HardCase H280S smart feature phone and the Ultimate U710S smartphone. We will also be launching all of our new mobile accessories under the upgraded look,” said Jean-Daniel Beurnier, CEO of Avenir Telecom.

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