Ellie Goulding shoots new video using Lumia 1020

Jamie Feltham
October 31, 2013

As far as PR stunts go, this one’s pretty neat – singer Ellie Goulding has shot her latest music video using the Nokia 1020.

As we said in our review, the 1020’s 41MP PureView camera is incredible. What better way to advertise that than using it on this scale? The artist performs ‘How Long Will I Love You’. The video itself features its fair share of Lumia ad placement. As you can see from the video about, the 1020 holds up pretty well in a professional environment. Once shot, everything was put together in Final Cut Pro.

We’re not usually one to praise PR stunts, but Ellie Goulding certainly beats the likes of a giant Surface tablet, doesn’t she? Well played, Nokia.

Source: WM Power User

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