Free BT Sport for EE users – here’s how you get it

Manny Pham
July 11, 2016

EE has announced its customers will get free BT Sport channels, this will be the first time EE and BT Sport collaborate since BT took over EE. 

Sounds too good to be true right? The grainy days of trawling through every streaming website your mates send you might be over. It also means users will be able to watch Premier League and Champions League matches with quality and ease.

But there are a few things to keep in mind before you put on your beer hat, and leap frog onto your sofa phone in hand. The new service will get you BT Sports 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport Europe and ESPN.

But what exactly is meant by free BT Sport? Can we simply just connect, download and start watching?

Free BT Sport for six months

Upon activation you get access to the four channels mentioned above for six months. After six months you’ll have to pay £5 per month if you want to carry on watching on your portable device.

EE customers wont be able to sign up for the free six months until July 27th. Which is fine for Premier League football fans as the season does not start until the 13th of August.

BT Mobile customers get the channels for free, for the entire duration of their contract. As long as they take the mobile service.

Only phones and tablets 

The aim is to get you to watch it on your phone and tablet, and they really mean it. You can’t even project it on your TV via Chromecast, as EE has disabled it.

No Wi-Fi, only mobile data

Should have probably mentioned earlier that those with big data packages should only read on. EE’s inspiration for introducing the offer is watching on the go, EE saw a surge in data usage during the England vs Wales game, at Euro 2016.

Watching an entire 90 minutes of football can eat upto 2GB of data, so make sure you have a massive data deal, or risk a huge bill and tears to follow.

Pay as you nope

As the title suggests, pay as you go customers cannot take advantage of the offer. The offer stands for new and existing monthly contract customers. Those on 4G Wi-Fi broadband are also excluded.


You’re all set and if you’ve decided to the free BT Sport is for you, simply register your interest here. EE will prompt you on July 27th when its ready. Follow the instructions and download the BT Sport app for Android and iOS.

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