eBay updates iPhone app with a multitude of new features

Jonathan Morris
November 22, 2010

eBay has updated its iPhone application and added a new barcode scanning feature to help compare prices of products in-store, as well as adding products easily when selling items.

The barcode scanning feature ‘bridges in-store and mobile shopping experiences’, allowing shoppers to save time comparing prices online, including electronics, movies and videogames.

Repeat sellers can rescan a product to re-list in 60 seconds or less, as well as search for completed sales to see what similar items sold for.

Casual sellers can also automatically populate a listing with product information using the ‘Sell One Like this’ feature.

Other new features include:

  • My eBay ‘Quick View’: Home screen now includes a watching, buying and selling ‘Quick View’ for instant updates, as well as access to the member’s user profile including their feedback.
  • Instant Access to Daily Deals: Get access to the latest hot deals across eBay.
  • Quick PayPal Payment: Choose to remain logged in to PayPal for a seamless and quick payment experience.
  • Saved Searches: Create a new saved search by tapping on the star icon or access your current saved searches from Customise when you receive alerts, so you can stay on top of when your favourite items become available.
  • Reminders: Act as a to-do list for active purchases and sales.
  • Choose Sizes and Colours: Select variations of one item, such as different sizes or colours.
  • Pull-to-Refresh: Simply slide thumb down for an immediate refresh of any screen.

The updated eBay’s app is available now from the App Store.


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