eBay deal gives Shazam users unlimited tagging on Android

Jonathan Morris
April 28, 2011

Shazam is giving Android users unlimited free tagging after securing sponsorship of its app by eBay.

The deal means that instead of just five free tags in a month, users can now tag as much music as they want between now and January 1st 2012.

Shazam users on Android can now use the Shazam Friends feature, originally available only to iOS users, which offers a real-time feed of songs tagged by your friends.

Alex Musil, Executive Vice President of Product Marketing at Shazam said: “eBay is a brand people know and love, and we’re excited to announce them as our exclusive sponsor, bringing all Android Shazamers the benefit of unlimited music discovery.”

The Shazam app is the first exclusive app sponsorship deal to be agreed by eBay anywhere in the world.

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