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September 7, 2018

  • A new phone is coming, and anyone who puts a £25 deposit down on it before it goes on pre-order will get it doubled to £50
  • Available now at all Carphone Warehouse stores – and only until the next new phone launches

 Carphone Warehouse has today launched a ‘double your deposit’ offer for anyone who puts a deposit on it before it goes on pre-order. The offer, available now in all Carphone Warehouse stores, or over the phone at 0800 049 6250, rewards those looking to sign up to the next big thing before it goes on pre-order by turning their £25 deposit into £50 off the new phone when it becomes available.

Customers can sign up to the offer up until the phone goes on pre-order and can use their £50 double deposit at any time up to 28 days after the pre-order window opens. They can then use it to offset an upfront cost or on any product purchased at the same time, including any of Carphone Warehouse’s huge range of 3 for 2 accessories. Customers can even get their £25 back if they decide the next new phone is not for them.

To take advantage of the double your discount scheme, customers can visit any of Carphone Warehouse’s stores or contact us at 0800 049 6250. And remember, this is only available on the new phone coming very soon and is only available before it goes on pre-order. To be kept up to date on the next new phone, customers can register their interest now at

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