Doro launches a trio of new feature handsets

Thomas Wellburn
February 23, 2016

Doro has today unveiled a new trio of 3G feature phones – the Doro 6520, 6525 and 6530.

Feature phone implies a more basic handset, as opposed to smartphones which are generally more powerful and capable. Nevertheless, these devices still have a place within the market, especially for those over the age of 65 that Doro primarily targets. The handsets are capable of basic levels of smart technology, that means Facebook and Twitter, emails and a web browser. This is all housed in a simple clamshell design with four-way buttons for easy navigation and talking numeric keys, which enable the user to hear which number has been pressed. You’ll also get the usual Bluetooth connectivity, one touch torch, FM radio and those all-important direct dial buttons for key functions like camera and messaging.

Much like other clamshell based devices, The Doro 6525 and Doro 6530 both come with an external display which can viewed when closed. The main screen on all devices is a 2.8″ colour display and you also get additional options such as Hearing Aid Compatibility, amplified sound and HD Voice for better call quality. The Doro 6530 leads the way as the most powerful device, with GPS technology and the company’s support service Doro Connect & Care. The service allows a network of friends and family to be contacted when the user needs help. This could be anything from having a problem at home (eg. a fall), to going shopping or making an appointment. It’s a useful tool that really benefits elderly people who may be physically impaired but still want to get around with peace of mind.

There’s no word on pricing and availability in the UK, but Doro has said that they will announce more information in the coming months.

For more on Doro, visit What Mobile’s dedicated Doro page.

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