Doro expands senior smartphone offering with Doro 8050

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April 6, 2020

Doro 8050: The Scandinavian-styled device with easy-to-use features and smart services, tailored for seniors

Doro, the leading global supplier of telecommunication solutions for seniors, has announced the expansion of its smartphone offering, introducing the new Doro 8050. The Doro 8050 is a welcome addition to the Doro family, joining the recently launched Doro 8080 as one of the brand’s signature, sophisticated yet easy-to-use smartphones.

The Doro 8050 combines sleek Scandinavian design with the brand’s proven usability and high-quality sound. From users who are familiar with Android to those who have never owned a smartphone before, the Doro 8050 is the perfect device. The handset is now available for purchase on Amazon UK SRP £200, the Doro website and via a selection of pay monthly and pay as you go plans from EE. Please check for further details.

The phone’s range of functions and operating concept mean it is uniquely suited to meet the needs of the over 65s – a demographic that is often forgotten by phone manufacturers.

Peter Marsden, Managing Director, Doro UK & Ireland said:

“Our smartphone users require intuitive technology that combines easy-to-use features with high quality performance. The latest Doro 8050 smartphone gives our customers this very combination, along with peace of mind for themselves, their friends and relatives.

The Doro 8050 will be one of the first handsets to be compatible with our imminent Response by Doro offering, a service that connects seniors with their family, friends and support networks. The Doro 8050 is one of our pioneering handsets – helping our products and services push new boundaries.”

Doro 8050 features:

  • GPS-enabled assistance button, giving the user peace of mind, wherever they may be
  • Loud and clear sound with HAC
  • Easy-to-read display and text
  • Easy-to-use, high-quality camera
  • Headphone jack with USB C charging port
  • Robust design, with features to prevent damage from bumps and knocks

The Doro 8050 has a unique user interface, thanks to EVA. EVA makes using a smartphone even easier. From sending a message to searching for a photo, navigating through commands and files is straightforward. EVA gives users clear choices, and then acts on their wishes based on the response. It makes technology available for anyone, whether new to Android, or a long-time user.

Using My Doro Manager, soon to be incorporated into the Response by Doro app which will be available for download from the Appstore/Play Store shortly, loved ones and relatives are able to access a user’s phone remotely, from their own iOS or Android device. This feature provides added comfort for both the senior and relatives, by giving a third party the ability to supply extra support to a user. This could be in the form of anything from changing the display’s font size to updating a user’s contact list.

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