Dolphin HD 6 for Android adds Webzine feature

Jonathan Morris
July 19, 2011

Dolphin has released its latest web browser, Dolphin HD 6 which now includes a new ‘Webzine’ feature to show web articles in a more elegant format.

The browser has also been given a number of optimisations for Android Honeycomb (tablet) users, with faster browsing and page reformatting, smart access to bookmarks and history, ‘speed dial’ shortcuts and more.

The Dolphin Browser also supports a number of plug-ins, offering extra features like offline browsing, translations, tab history, PDF viewing and changeable themes.

It also allows up to eight tabbed browser sessions and the use of gestures to quickly perform functions like jumping to a specific web site or carrying out a search.

The new Webzine feature allows you to view content quickly from a huge number of online news sites, via RSS feed, with a short synopsis and image that loads quickly before viewing the article in full, complete with a shortcut for instant access on the browser home page.

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