Further delays for Xbox One warned for Nordic regions

Jamie Feltham
December 13, 2013

Enjoying your Xbox One? Just remember that not every country out there has one yet, and those countries may be due further delays.

A Swiss retailer has issued a notice to consumers that the new system may not be available until after next Easter. This is reportedly due to issues with the Xbox Live Marketplace.

World of Games issued this statement about further delays: “Important: According to Microsoft, the delivery date of the Xbox One to several countries (e.g. Switzerland) has been delayed for an undetermined time for adjustments to the XBL market place. Due to several conversations we expect that a delivery in this country is not going to happen any time before Easter. An even longer waiting time is not entirely unlikely.”

The statement follows earlier rumours from Game Reactor that the console won’t be arriving in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark before Q3 2014.

No word on other territories seeing a delay just yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

Source: NeoGAF and Game Reactor

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