Celebrating a historic brand€¦90 years of Motorola

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September 25, 2018

On this day in 1928 in Chicago brothers, Paul and Joseph Galvin incorporated Motorola’s founding company, Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, with only one product and five employees. Flash forward to today as we celebrate #90yearsmotorola and there’s no doubt we have transformed the tech industry.

Our first-ever product was designed in 1928 to address battery life, a challenge that continues to exist today but one we continue to rise against through our innovation and technological evolution. The Galvin Manufacturing battery eliminator used battery-powered radios to run on household electricity, whilst our latest product, the 5G moto mod, solves today’s need for speed. True to our DNA, we’ve never stopped listening to and striving to deliver what matters most to our customers.

Producing the world’s first FM portable two-way radio in 1943, enabling the communication from the first moon landing to earth, launching the iconic RAZR V3 that changed the mobile phone design and became the first device that doubled as a fashion accessory, or the moto mod technology, allowing your phone to instantly become a boombox, an instant photo printer, a gamepad, or a 360° camera, Motorola has always been focused on people. Products are developed to make life better for our customers. Whilst as a company we understand that our own people are at the very heart of our success. We have a tradition of long-standing and dedicated leadership, from Galvin Manufacturing founder Paul Galvin’s 28 years at the helm to the company’s current president Sergio Buniac, who first started working at Motorola in 1996 in marketing and sales for mobile phones.

Over the years Motorola has had much to celebrate and made some astounding moments in history. 90 years on, from car phones to smartphones, we’ve stayed true to our goal to break barriers in innovation and make the best technology accessible to all users in the simplest format, We are looking forward to sharing our journey of achievements, milestones, interesting facts, and quizzes over the next 90 days on Twitter and Facebook.  Today we ask you to celebrate #90yearsmotorola with us and leave you with this message: the best is yet to come.

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