BT Broadband sees nationwide connection issues

Manny Pham
July 20, 2016

BT Broadband is down and it seems to be a nationwide problem with many taking to social media to vent their frustration. You’re not alone, hang in there. 

There are three things that will warrant panic in any household; smoke wafting from the kitchen, a family member still in single digits screaming about blood and last but not least, the Internet going down.

Well if you’re a BT Broadband customer the third option will most likely relate to you at this moment in time, as you read this article using your mobile data. BT has not released a statement but it has tweeted an assurance., a site people use to report Internet faults, confirms problems have been occurring since 8am, also providing a map showing the problem is indeed nationwide.

Plustnet, also owned by BT, reported problems with their own network: “Although the symptoms are similar to the problems reported over the last few days, upon investigation we believe this issue to be unrelated.”

What Mobile got in contact with BT over the Internet outage and we’re currently waiting for a statement. An update will follow once we know more.

BT Broadband quick fix

The issue seems to stem from BT’s DNS servers. Users have been reporting if you change your DNS server to Google’s Public DNS addresses ( and, you should be able to resume browsing Facebook and Tweeting your outrage (if you don’t have mobile data).

Social media has already started its usual race for sharpest and quickest quip over the issue.

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