BT 5G launching Friday October 11 along with new converged Halo offer

Jasper Hart
October 9, 2019

Fibre rollout and community projects also high on agenda

BT is launching 5G on Friday October 11 in 20 cities. The launch comes ahead of the operator launching its new converged Halo proposition in November, which gives customers combined broadband and mobile deals.

Cities included in the launch are Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Cardiff, Leicester and Coventry.

BT Halo is an add-on to BT’s existing converged offer BT Plus, offering unlimited mobile data and calls.

Halo for business will also offer SMEs superfast broadband with a digital phone line, and the option for customers to add 4G and 5G mobile connections, meaning that businesses can make and receive landline calls on their smartphone.

BT is also adding 900 new home tech experts to its workforce to deal directly with Halo, as well as adding regional call routing to its customer service – calls will be directed to the customer service team closest to the caller.

Additionally, the BT logo will be added to more than 600 EE stores across the UK, and BT customers will be able to go and get in-store broadband or landline support.

“This is the first time in nearly 20 years that BT customers have been able to go somewhere for service and support,” said BT consumer director Marc Allera to media at a Q&A this morning.

“While we do see many stories of retailers under pressure, and the high street is a difficult place to do business right now, we are proud to be a part of as many communities across the UK as we can be, and to be investing in retail for our customers.

“This means that 95 per cent of the UK population will be no more than 20 minutes away from dedicated face-to-face service and support.”

BT CEO Philip Jansen said that Halo would be funded by a £350 million investment plan in OPEX and CAPEX.

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