Bloodborne on iOS and Android please

Manny Pham
March 24, 2016

Following Nintendo’s cue, the Japanese company will be making titles for the smaller screen. 

Sony will form the new business side to bring key IPs and future titles to Android and iOS devices. Great news for gamers, but it’s not time to celebrate for those in the west yet. ForwardWorks – Sony’s mobile gaming team – will focus mainly on users in Japan and Asia. The new mobile gaming team will be formed on April 1st, the same date Sony Computer Entertainment becomesSony Interactive Entertainment.

Nintendo released it’s first mobile title – Miitomo. It isn’t the game that fans have been craving, in fact it’s not really a game, more a social media platform that allows you to create your own avatar. Not exactly what hardcore Nintendo fans wanted. Sony will apparently make more “full fledged” titles for mobile devices, according to the statement.

What Sony games do you want on your smartphone? Bloodborne comes to mind, but despairing in public isn’t very attractive. “We are born of the blood… made men by the blood.” Yes Willem we know.

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Via Sony Computer Entertainment.



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