Blackphone, maker of ‘the world’s most secure smartphone’, is working on a tablet

Callum Tennent
October 13, 2014

Good news for the extremely important or extremely paranoid (or both): Blackphone is creating a tablet.

The company released its first mainstream device earlier this year, the Blackphone BP1. It runs on a proprietary operating system called PrivatOS, with everything geared to be as unhackable, untraceable and generally as secure as possible.

“We are in fact working on a tablet. We are not ready to disclose the exact features, but we want it to be a high-end tablet,” Jon Callas, chief technology officer of Silent Circle and Blackphone co-founder, told news network CNBC. “We want it to have the features people who use it every day will demand from it.”

It should benefit from all of the perks of the BP1, including a Wi-Fi manager which prevents tracking and a pop-up blocker which cuts off ads at the source. The BP1 also doesn’t permit access to the Google Play Store in the interest of security, instead featuring a suite of apps made by Blackphone itself. Callas promises the inclusion of a major app store soon, along with support for apps like Facebook. They remain unavailable for now though, as apps which utilise tracking and store data would counteract the point of the device.


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