BlackBerry users get cheap calls abroad with Truphone

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October 28, 2008

Everyone likes to make cheap international calls, except perhaps the phone operators who would quite like to see you paying top dollar.

Truphone is no stranger to the world of low-cost calling, using VoIP (Voice over IP) as a way of routing calls. Previously this has meant you needed a Wi-Fi enabled handset, so the call could be routed exclusively over the Internet.

Now, following a recent move by Skype and 3 to allow low-cost international calls using your mobile – with the call being routed over the mobile network to a switch that sends the call over VoIP – the Truphone Anywhere service (currently in beta) is now available for BlackBerry users.

Once installed, users are given the choice of making a call direct of via the Truphone Anywhere service. International calls can then be reduced to as a little as 3p per minute. There’s no need to remember a special procedure for making a cheap call, as it asks automatically when you make an international call.

Paying for the calls requires the opening of a prepaid account with Truphone, which can be topped up online.

Truphone CEO Geraldine Wilson said: “There’s no GSM business tariff that gets close to the prices we can offer BlackBerry users with Truphone for international calling. In these days of financial belt-tightening, businesses are looking at every means of cutting costs, which is an opportunity for us.”



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