Best web browser apps for your phone right now

Thomas Wellburn
May 6, 2016

With Opera being one of the first big browsers to include a built-in adblocker, this got us wondering if there was any other mobile browsers worth considering. Here’s our rundown of the best one’s you can get on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Chrome (Android and iOS)


As the most popular web browser by a significant margin, Chrome continues to entice users thanks to its fast browsing and solid Google services integration. Unlimited tabs means that you can open as many pages as you want, while an incognito mode allows private browsing for added security.

Opera (Android and iOS)


One of the fastest and most frugal browsers available now has the added bonus of a built-in ad-blocker. Opera is one of the longest-running mobile browsers and has garnered a solid following. Privacy is top notch and a built-in night mode allows users to read more comfortably in the dark.

Firefox (Android and iOS)


As one of the most trusted company’s for privacy, Mozilla has a loyal following of fans that use the Firefox browser every day. There’s plenty of features in this app, with a click user interface and fast searching, plus the ability to sync browsing habits across multiple devices if you sign up for a Firefox account.

Dolphin Browser (Android and iOS)

dolphin browser

Beautifully designed with a clean UI that looks very iOS, Dolphin Browser supports Flash Player for online videos and includes full theme customization so you can personalise it to suit your fancy. It also has plenty of add-ons which enhance the experience, from the standalone Jetpack app for enhanced speed to dedicated video players and more.

Puffin Browser (Android and iOS

puffin browser

Puffin is another excellent mobile browser with full Flash video support and unique features such as virtual gamepads and trackpads. It also has what they believe is the fastest JavaScript engine of any mobile browser, allowing web apps that run on the code to load much quicker than the competition. Top this off with a clean user interface and you’ve got a browser that’s perfect for web-based gaming.

UC Browser HD (AndroidiOS and Windows

uc browser

We had to throw a browser on here that’s available on Windows Phone too, so the obvious choice was always going to be UC. Available in various different versions depending on the operating system, UC Browser features a built-in adblocker and night mode, plus smart downloading for when the phone signal drops out.

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