BBC iPlayer app hits 20 million downloads, plans for expansion

Jamie Feltham
October 24, 2013

The BBC iPlayer app is something of a staple in almost everyone’s iOS or Android library. You get your Netflix, your Angry Birds, and your iPlayer, simple as that.

Now the company is reporting that the app has been downloaded around 20 million times since it launched back in 2011. The company also revealed its most downloaded episode ever, which was the first episode of the 20th season of Top Gear. That gathered some 92,000 views. Mobiles apparently make around 41 percent of all iPlayer requests.

The company is looking to expand the content’s distribution and availability too. CEO Tim Davie is reportedly looking into have the app folded into part of, where it will be more readily available across the globe. The app has previously hit 16 other countries, though has never found its way over to the US. In the long term, Davie plans for something resembling an ‘international version of a BBC store’, making content available through new means.

The future of BBC iPlayer app sounds pretty exciting, then. How will it grow from here?

Source: Engadget

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