Automation of Mobile Testing – Yes or No?

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December 11, 2020

According to statistics, the number of mobile application downloads is expected to rise to 258 billion by 2022. This only proves that more and more people are relying on mobile technology for both their personal and professional needs.

Now, this brings up the question: is the automation of mobile testing necessary? The short answer is ‘yes’.

Mobile testing or mobile app testing refers to the process of doing tests on mobile applications to ensure that they pass the requirements for usability and functionality.

In general, the procedures are complex and can take quite a long time to be completed. Nevertheless, it can be said that mobile testing automation is necessary because it makes sure that the applications released onto the marketplace are superior in quality.

Pointers on Mobile Testing

How can you provide the best services when it comes to android app testing?

First of all, you must select your method for testing. You can test mobile apps on emulators or actual devices. You can also use real device clouds so that you can remotely use multiple devices while recording results.

See to it that you have sufficient test coverage and that you have a good plan for continuous mobile test automation. Aside from testing apps, you also have to test mobile games properly.

Automated mobile testing is ideal for regression testing since codes are changed frequently. It can also let you quickly run regression tests whenever necessary.

Likewise, it is ideal for repeated executions. After all, drawn-out and repetitive tasks tend to lend themselves to automated testing. Automated mobile testing is also ideal for performance testing, specifically when you need to test the performance and speed of mobile applications against numerous concurrent users.

Advantages of Mobile Testing Automation

Mobile testing leads to better UI/UX. When the overall quality of the app is tested, results are obtained. Positive results generally lead to greater sales and a better user experience.

Mobile testing also allows for proper functioning. The app is thoroughly checked to ensure that it meets all the performance requirements. Several methods are used to produce the best results.

In the long run, you will also find mobile testing automation to be more cost-effective and more scalable for large mobile apps than manual testing. You will be able to run several tests simultaneously as well as perform tests that manual testers find demanding.

Furthermore, mobile testing ultimately attracts loyal customers. When users are satisfied with the performance and overall quality of their mobile app or game, they are also more likely to do repeat business.

Disadvantages of Mobile Testing Automation

While it is true that automated mobile testing has plenty of advantages, it also has certain disadvantages that you have to know. For instance, the configurations and codes may only be specific to certain mobile applications. 

You may not be able to test the factors that contribute to user experience. There are also instances in which human touch is required for certain testing scenarios.

In addition, you may find automated mobile testing to be wasteful and slow for simple features, especially if you are using small-scale mobile applications. Automation is actually too expensive for small and short-term projects. The costs of maintenance, management, and automation software are not ideal if you are not working on large and long-term projects.

Final Thoughts

It has to be kept in mind that the primary goal is to satisfy the needs of the target users. Customers who are satisfied with the products and services that they receive ultimately become loyal. On the other hand, those who find their mobile apps and games to be faulty lose interest in making another purchase from the same company. They also become likely to discourage their family and friends from availing of such a product or service.

In conclusion, mobile testing may be quite daunting but it is necessary if you want to get and maintain positive results in the long run. If you come up with good strategies and do the process properly, you will be able to produce products that will rank highly in the marketplace. Nevertheless, you must also consider the type and size of the projects that you are working on in order for automation to be worth the time, effort, and cost. 

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