Apple shows off iOS 9 and more intelligent Siri

Alex Yau
June 8, 2015

Apple has just unveiled iOS 9, its latest operating system, at its Worldwide Developers Conference (June 8).

iOS 9 will be available on iPhones and iPads later this year, adding a whole set of new features.

iOS 9 and Siri

Apple claims that Siri will be much smarter and that there will be battery enhancements alongside performance improvements. The changes will be subtle compared to iOS 8, which was saw the biggest overhaul of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The upgraded Siri operates similarly to Google Now. It has become context-aware and can proactively make suggestions before you ask. Asking Siri to “find photos from Utah late August,”for example, will get Siri to locate relevant images from your device.

There’s also a new search interface which provides Google Now-like suggestions using contact information, breaking news and apps based on information from your calendar and the time of day.

iOS 9 notifications

A better caller ID has also been added. iOS will provide suggestions of a caller’s identity from unsaved numbers. Reminders are also getting better integration with your calendar. iOS will automatically bring up reminders when its time to leave for an appointment and will provide suggestions based on your emails.

Apple’s Craig Federighi also emphasised that the new features were designed with privacy in mind.

Apple has also revamped the iPad’s quick type keyboard and added new gestures that make it simpler to adjust text and cursor position.

There’s also going to be a new app switching experience, split-screen apps and picture in picture viewing for tablet videos. Users can also run two apps side by side for the first time ever on an iOS device, whilst picture in picture will let you watch videos and use apps at the same time.

iOS 9 will also add battery improvements to get up to an hour’s worth of extra juice. Stick it on low power mode and you can get three additional hours.

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