Apple secures EU-wide halt of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales

Jonathan Morris
August 9, 2011

If Samsung thought that high-profile looting might impact on sales of its new Galaxy Tab 10.1, it possibly didn’t expect to find itself landed with a EU-wide ban.

A website that specialises in patent news and issues has reported that an injunction was granted for Apple in Germany today, against Samsung for an “alleged infringement of Apple’s iPad-related [European] Community design”. A separate action is being pursued in Holland.

Apple believes the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be an “iPad imitation”, and having been upheld it now means the device will have to be removed from sale throughout the EU (bar Holland, for now).

Failure to do so could land Samsung with a fine of up to ‚¬250,000 for every violation, or imprisonment of Samsung’s management for a period of up to two years.

Samsung intends to appeal the injunction.

Via: FOSS Patents


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